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Founded in 1991 and located in Chicago, Illinois,  Special Solutions, Ltd., is a nationally recognized leader in the field of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), Bug Sweeps, Wiretap Detection, Surveillance Technology, Communications Security (COMSEC), Counter-Intelligence, Technical Security, and Spy Hunting.

Mission Statement

Special Solutions, Ltd., provides expert technical, analytical and research capability for the detection, nullification, and isolation of eavesdropping devices, technical surveillance penetrations, technical surveillance hazards, and physical security weaknesses... Simply put, we hunt spies, stop espionage, and plug leaks.

Take a moment right now, and ask
yourself these series of questions:

1. Do you know the first names of your outside cleaning staff? How about even the name of the company?

2.  Do you have a key card access system in your company? If you do, who monitors the program?

3. Do you screen visitors and contractors?

4. Do you have your meetings in a unsecured conference room?

5. Do you have a security service or CCTV cameras?

If you answer no, to any of these questions, you company is susceptible to eavesdropping devices.

Can your business plan fall prey upon your competitor’s greed all by a cheap make shift eavesdropping "Bug" device? You bet it can.

We found this bug in a major food distributor's conference room and later learned that it was purchased off of Ebay for $30.00...


Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) is our specialty. Bug-sweeping for telephone line bugs and wiretaps (using wiretap detection), computer data line taps and bugs (telecommunications security), and bug-sweep your conference rooms (using electronic room sweeping equipment). We train bi-annually and we possess over a-half million dollars of professional and modern sweep equipment. Do not be fooled by inexperienced private investigators or computer geeks who think they know what they are doing and what to search for. 

Peace of mind may come cheap for one if you think that having someone wave around a hundred dollar inferior "lighted sweep device" makes you safe. Quick informal services and cost-effective corner cutting does not work in this field. Do not make the mistake by hiring a small "do-all" firm that basically takes your money and tells you that it is completely safe. For over twenty-four years, we have inherently witnessed this flagrant behavior only to abide by our mirrored professionalism, hence, only to live with a clear and sustained conscious.  We take this service very seriously---so should you. 




Special Solutions is acknowledged as an international leader in providing electronic sweeps to detect and neutralize electronic eavesdropping devices (Bugs). Special Solutions employs the same techniques and equipment used by the U.S. Government. All of our information specialists are trained and offer an awareness of espionage and information collection techniques to augment their expertise in the detection of electronic eavesdropping systems. Our personnel represent hundreds of hours of TSCM “Electronic Surveillance Counter Measures” experience and produce results—not to mention peace of mind.

Security deluded by convenience causes ambivalence
that always ends in post reactive regrettable consequences.

When we arrive at any office or residential environment, we are respectful and silent. We can form any type of "cover" that a client would be comfortable with as well.  Nights, weekends and odd hours are best for this service.

Many of our clients schedule electronic sweep services on a periodic basis to ensure a higher level of protection. Client relationships are maintained on a confidential basis and sensitive information is handled discreetly. Electronic Eavesdropping Countermeasures (De-Bugging) can be defined as a combination of searches, both electronic and physical, which are intended to provide a business, person or organization some reasonable assurance of privacy against electronic surveillance devices (Bugs). The search or "Sweep" is conducted by utilizing sophisticated equipment and techniques, in conjunction with a meticulous physical inspection.


                Eavesdropping Countermeasures are usually conducted for the following  


Expectation that confidential business or personal conversations are being intercepted, or a threat thereof.

Indication of a listening device.

Noise on the telephone lines.

Unsolicited telephone repair visits.

Frequent leak of information.

Telltale signs left by intruders.

Domestic or business problems.


Electronic Eavesdropping
Countermeasure Sweep Synopsis: 

Radio Frequency Examination for hidden telephone, room, or body transmitters. The Radio Frequency Examination will also detect Video transmitters, FAX or TELEX transmitters, and burst/hopping transmitters.

Radio frequency spectrum analysis which will allow for audio and visual inspection of suspicious signals of transmissions.

VLF examination of AC wiring for Current Transmitters which utilize the AC wiring as a transmission path.

Examination of the telephone line system for Hook-switch Bypass, Parallel Tap, Series Tap, and voltage/current status.

Amplification examination for suspicious telephone or room wiring for the presence of buried microphones/transmitters or equipment modification.

Infrared examination to detect and locate surveillance devices that utilize Infrared Energy for transmission. The examination will also detect Narrow Beam Lasers.

Examination for Microwave Surveillance and Acoustic Leakage.

Examination of vehicles for transmitters and Pulsed Tracking Devices.

                    Physical inspection for tape recorders and                

                    transmitters, both active and  dormant.





John C. Frycek

John C. Frycek, LPD, PPS, CIS

Director of Operations



There are fine Cigars and cheap Cigars, but there are 
no fine cheap Cigars....
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