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Undercover Operations

The world of undercover has expanded into all areas of criminal enterprise. The criminal of today employs advanced technologies both in the commitment of the crime and in countermeasures to conceal their illegal activity. The use of undercover as an investigative technique has grown into all areas of criminal & civil private investigations.

Special Solutions has the equipment and expertise to deploy body worn video equipment in a manner to fit any situation. Video equipment can be hidden inside a tie, baseball cap, purse, shirt button, pager, eyeglasses, etc. just about anywhere you can think of. We will customize a hidden camera system to integrate with whatever surroundings are encountered.

Other forms of undercover operations work might involve having an investigator go to work at a company, become involved with some kind of organization, or engage in whatever avocation may be necessary to build the trust of individuals suspected of wrongdoing.

If you should suspect the presence of a dishonest employee or a group of conspirators impacting your assets, give us a call. Cumulative losses from employee theft can cause not only morale degradation, but also, cut deeply into your company’s ability to make a profit.

Deep Undercover: We can place an agent into your workplace to assimilate with the other employees, establishing working relationships, in an effort to uncover the truth. Our operatives will “live the role”, working a real job, rent a local house or apartment and live the role 24 hours per day. Our agents will respond to opportunities to spend time “after hours” with the suspects whenever possible. In most cases, our operative will present themselves as a willing volunteer or employee and join the targeted organization or group. Often we will provide the operative with desired interests in an effort to introduce the agent to the group, so that he/ she will be readily accepted. The first task of our operative is to gain unquestionable acceptance within the group. Often he/ she will play it cool, do the “job”, and bide their time, awaiting the opportunity to gain acceptance and trust.

Light Undercover: This is the most common operation performed. With light cover operations, we place the agent in the workplace in an effort to gather intelligence on the relationships amongst the working staff. The goal in these cases is to provide the client answers to the questions most critical in making a business decision. The agent would work a standard “shift” within the workplace, and go home at the end of each day to process the investigation.

If you or your employees have observed questionable and/or suspicious behavior, our investigators at  Special Solutions  can assist  you to determine the truth behind the uncertainty. Our agents can work discreetly at gathering information, without attracting unwanted attention.  We will custom-tailor your investigation to properly assimilate our agents into the workplace, and determine the truth!


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